This service is part of the LearnToEducate initiative wherein some portion of the course fee will be contributed towards the education of a financially underprivileged child. Participants will receive proof of contribution.

Whether you are a student aspiring to build a successful career in software development or a working professional facing challenges with company culture or performance, our mentoring sessions offer valuable and comprehensive feedback. Aditya Solge, with his experience as a working professional, has mentored numerous software developers and understands what it takes for individuals to thrive.

Students: In today's world, where social media is filled with success stories, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or develop imposter syndrome. Frequently, it becomes a challenge to decide whether one should dive straight into learning Java or opt for Python, prioritize project development or competitive programming, weigh post-graduate education against job, or deliberate between pursuing post-graduation abroad or in India. Our mentorship program aligns precisely with this mission, requiring no financial commitment from your side. We recognize that students may not always be in a position to bear the cost, especially when seeking guidance. Empathizing with the perspective of students, it becomes evident that expecting them to bear the cost would indeed be unjust.

Working Professiona:l Our mentoring sessions provide 360-degree actionable feedback, addressing your unique needs and empowering you to succeed in your professional journey. Whether you are seeking guidance in career development, overcoming challenges, or finding the right path amidst numerous choices, we are here to support you on your path to success.

About Mentoring

  • Fee: Our mentorship is FREE for students. The mentioned fee is applicable for working professionals only.
  • Number of Sessions: We offer 4 sessions of 1 hour each.
  • Areas Covered: The value of our mentorship sessions solely depends on your specific needs and aspirations. There are no limitations on what you can ask or discuss during these sessions. If you are considering participating, I encourage you to visit our About page, where you can find information about Aditya Solge's education qualifications and work experience. This will help you determine if our mentorship sessions align with your goals and if they can provide the value and guidance you seek in your journey towards personal and professional growth.
  • Scheduling: After completing the registration, we'll promptly reach out to you to coordinate the scheduling.

Success Stories

Aditya's mentorship is transformative and fast-acting. Within just six months at Amazon, his expert guidance elevated me from SDE-2 to Engineering Manager. His technical prowess is unparalleled and his lessons on empathy and team morale are invaluable. He also honed my interviewing skills. Aditya isn't just a mentor, he's a career architect. I cannot recommend him enough!

Somanshu Singla

Tech Lead, Blinkit

I am immensely grateful for your exceptional mentorship. Your guidance in technical aspect and life, unwavering support, and nurturing nature have been very important in my growth. You have always been there for me, providing guidance and shielding me from the negative aspects of company culture, helping me assimilate seamlessly. Thank you for being an outstanding mentor; your impact on my career is truly invaluable.

Ayush Sultania

Business Analytics Engineer, Amazon