Mock Interview


Mock Interviews are part of the LearnToEducate initiative wherein some portion of the fee will be contributed towards the education of a financially underprivileged child. Participants will receive proof of contribution.

Whether you are a student seeking your first job or an experienced professional looking to switch careers, practice is essential to ensure you avoid repeating mistakes on the big day. At GoGetterGeeks, our Mock Interviews offer you a valuable opportunity to experience a real interview setting firsthand, guided by Aditya Solge, who has conducted hundreds of interviews at Amazon and successfully cracked interviews at top companies like Amazon and Microsoft. With detailed feedback provided, you can work on improving yourself before your important interview day.

About Mock Interview

  • Total Interviews: You will have two interviews, each lasting one hour.
  • Interview Type: In our interview package, you have the flexibility to choose between two options. You can either opt for:
    • Two Coding Interviews
    • Two System Design Interviews
    • One Coding Interview and One System Design Interview
  • Behavioral Interview: Both the Coding Interview and System Design Interview will include behavioral questions in addition to their respective technical components. This comprehensive approach ensures that we assess not only your technical skills but also your behavioral and problem-solving abilities, providing a well-rounded evaluation for your preparation and growth.
  • Scheduling: After completing the registration, we'll promptly reach out to you to coordinate the scheduling of your chosen interview(s).