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1. Data Structure & Algorithms

This course comprehensively addresses vital Data Structures and Algorithms, which are crucial not only for excelling in coding interviews but also for achieving success in top-tier tech companies.

2. Web Development

The course will focuses on web development, specifically using React or a comparable framework. It will utilizes AWS (Amazon Web Services) for backend creation and website hosting. Through this course, you will gain proficiency in web development from the fundamentals to hosting real-time scalable web applications.

3. System Design

This course will be exclusively designed to emphasize real-life challenges encountered during application design, rather than solely focusing on interview questions. The course will place a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, prioritizing practical learning over theoretical concepts. The ultimate goal is not only to prepare you for interview success but also to equip you with the ability to apply these learnings in real-world scenarios. Whether you are working on a startup idea or already employed in a company, this course will aid you in end-to-end implementation and empower you to evaluate designs from a practical point of view.

4. Campus Preparation

The course will be structured into two main sections: (1) Interview preparation for Service-based Companies, and (2) Interview preparation for Product-based Companies. It goes beyond teaching essential concepts by offering valuable mock interview opportunities to enhance your skills.